WooCrack Vs Plugin Pro Comparision and Reviews

Let’s compare between WooCrack and Plugin Pro to find out the best GPL Platform for buying WordPress Themes and Plugins. We will compare all important areas like File Quality, Price, Membership club Pricing, Security, and Support. We have verified all the comments by personally using both the website for 1 month.

Let us see what WooCrack is Offering as it’s an old GPL Platform and quite famous. Deep Comparision and Review.


The positive part of WooCrack.com :

  • WooCrack is an old GPL Website. Domain Registered in 2016.
  • It has its own Automatic Updater (Not Updated for a long time)
  • It Offers Themes and Plugins at a Flat $5
  • WooCrack Membership Club Pricing is $29/ year and $49 for a lifetime.

Negative part :

  • WooCrack has just 2310 items.
  • 40% of the files are non-working
  • File quality is not good. We have checked 100 files, out of which 37 files had malware and virus.
  • The website is not secured by any reputed antivirus or has a trust seal.
  • WooCrack Support is pathetic. And even it’s very hard to find how to contact them. ( Took more than 48 hours to reply)
  • Membership downloads have very low daily download limits

Now let us see its competitor Plugin Pro and check what they are offering with their competitive pricing.

Plugin Pro

The positive part of pluginpro.com :

  • Plugin Pro name is quite valuable. Domain registered in 2008.
  • It offers 4800 Items and has almost all the top products
  • It has its own automatic updater plugin.
  • It offers premium GPL Themes, Plugins, and Templates at a Flat $4. ( With Lifetime Updates )
  • Plugin Pro Membership Prices are $10/ Month, $49/ Yearly, and $99 for a Lifetime. ( Flash Sale is provided $29/ yearly and $49 for a Lifetime) .
  • The site is Secured by Sucuri which is the no.1 website security in the world and has its trust seal
  • We could not find any virus or malware. We have checked 100 files of them.
  • Membership Download limits are sufficient. 20 for monthly, 40 for yearly, and 50 for lifetime users
  • Plugin pro has Live chat support

Negative part :

  • Auto updater only supports Plugins
  • We can’t find anyone online but when we sent a message on live chat, we got a reply in under 2 hours.
  • 10 % Files are Non-working

Trying to choose between WooCrack vs Plugin Pro to buy GPL Themes and Plugins?

In our above comparison, we have compared the two best GPL websites in all important areas to help you choose. Both the website offers best pricing structure. GPL Themes and Plugins are great for saving tons of money. In recent times where the website development business is facing so much competition, many developers are reducing the prices to compete. Delivering a quality website at reduced price is very tough, GPL Website helps a lot here. But there are many websites that provide infected files and it results in pain later. Infected files not only spoil your hard work but also affect the performance of the website.

There is very few GPL Website which understands these things and provides you quality files. You should always choose quality over price. We have compared woocrack and plugin pro GPL websites because they are good with their pricing structure. I personally used both of them.

WooCrack Review

I have got a serious problem with woocrack , the website was recommended by one of my friend but i am not satisfied. The prices are good as I got a yearly membership for just $29. The main issue with woocrack is the file quality. I can’t risk my hard work. I can ignore the rest of things but my site crashed by using their plugin. I tried contacting them but no one replied until I had to reset the WordPress. I would never recommend it personally.

Plugin Pro review

I don’t know about this website, I first found this when I was researching for a plugin. I liked the website and its name. I thought of giving it a try and purchased a monthly plan for $10. I scanned every plugin before using it hence the site was secured and scanned by sucuri. I trust sucuri company. I didn’t found any malware nor any problem yet. Plugins work perfectly. I upgraded my membership to lifetime and I got a great deal at just $49. Check for the flash sale. All my friends have migrated to plugin pro and will recommend it.

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