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How to crack Shortcut Virus Remover 1.9

Shortcut Virus Remover 1.9 Screenshots We hate it when our PCs get infected by malware, but that hate doubles when we are talking about viruses that affect our flash drives or removable media since they sometimes contain files that may not be found anywhere else. One such virus is the dreaded shortcut virus, which transforms […]

How to crack Emsisoft Commandline Scanner 2022.1.1.11491

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner 2022.1.1.11491 Screenshots Emsisoft Commandline Scanner is a security-oriented software solution that was designed for advanced computer users that prefer a more heads-on approach to malware scanning and malicious component removal. Requires administrator rights Unless you provide it with Administrator rights, this application won't run as intended, meaning that you won't be able […]

How to crack Kaspersky VirutKiller

Kaspersky VirutKiller Screenshots VirutKiller is a command-line application that scans computers for the Virus.Win32.Virut.ce botnet client and removes it on sight. It does not require experience in antivirus software. Most users work with graphical interfaces for performing a task easily, but some of them prefer command-line tools, since a few written lines in a […]

How to crack Adlice Diag

Adlice Diag Screenshots Navigating on the Internet has its risks and, in the absence of a reliable security solution, malware can reach your PC through various propagation channels. Created by the team behind RogueKiller and relying on the same anti-malware engine as the latter, Adlice Diag can scan your computer to detect malicious files […]

How to crack Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Screenshots Malware protection should be paramount for anyone, especially given the abundance of threats that roam all over the Internet. A fast and accurate antivirus solution, coupled with a firewall should do the trick for most users and there are quite a few options you can go for. Among the cloud-based […]