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pmcyg 3.1 Screenshots pmcyg is an open-source software application developed specifically for helping you create a customized collection of Cygwin packages. Cygwin implements a suite of libraries that emulate a Linux-like environment on a Windows operating system. The tool is able to generate a complete Cygwin installation system which can be delivered on a CD, […]

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Kotobee Publisher 2.14 Screenshots Kotobee Publisher is an advanced yet very user-friendly piece of software functioning as an authoring tool that allows you to create multi-platform ebooks, with countless interactive elements. Wizard-style interface The utility’s main window is fairly attractive and easy to understand, requiring a minimal level of prior experience or knowledge with such […]

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Inno Setup Compiler 6.2.1 Screenshots Inno Setup Compiler is a software solution that allows you to create professional Windows installers. Although it all sounds terribly complicated, it's not, thanks to the way this application works. Fill program version and publisher details The whole installer generating process can be carried out using a simple wizard, so […]

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HelpGear 6.4 Build 16.1107 Screenshots HelpGear is the ultimate help authoring tool for creating help file resources including HTML Help (CHM) files, browser based Web Help systems, Word RTF documents, Printed Manuals, PDF Manuals using a single help source. With HelpGear, you will be able to build a comprehensive documentation for your project. HelpGear includes […]