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How to crack CMUD 3.34

CMUD 3.34 Screenshots CMUD allows you to connect to and play hundreds of MUD Games on the Internet, and provides you many useful tools, such as aliases, actions, macros, keys, buttons, scripts, maps, databases, etc, to make your MUD player's life easier and more profitable. Take note that this is a second-generation MUD client created […]

How to crack Solar-PuTTY

How to crack Solar-PuTTY

Solar-PuTTY Screenshots If your job involves managing multiple computers at the same time, you're probably no stranger to the concept of remote access and you're most likely relying on some dedicated software in order to maintain the devices or servers accordingly. Fortunately, nowadays there's a wide selection of specialized applications that can cover you […]

How to crack Snort 2.9.20

Snort 2.9.20 Screenshots Snort provides you with a high-performance, yet lightweight and flexible rule-based network intrusion detection and prevention system that can also be used as a packet sniffer and logger. With its advanced capabilities and reliability, it is the most deployed IDS / IPS software, widely used in network monitoring applications. Combining database signatures […]

How to crack Network Alarmer 4.0

Network Alarmer 4.0 Screenshots Network Alarmer is a lightweight and simple tool to determine if network devices are online or not. The program can be set up to send email notices and phone dialing is also supported. Can be a vital resource for anyone connected to a network The targeted audience includes virtually anyone that […]

How to crack Toxiproxy 2.4.0

Toxiproxy 2.4.0 Screenshots When developing an application, it can be easy to overlook the network conditions your users can face in various circumstance. Therefore, if you are working on a tool that relies on an Internet connection, then it is advisable you also try to emulate the network connectivity so that you can fix any […]