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How to crack Appflowy 0.0.3

Appflowy 0.0.3 Screenshots When one wants to input their text into a word processor, apps to fulfill that role are plentiful. Depending on the use case, users are not starved of choice, and that's a good thing. Picking the go-to software to handle your writing is the tougher step.  In that case, you may want […]

How to crack YourTime 8

YourTime 8 Screenshots Time is money, so keeping track of how you spend time is the same as foreseeing how you should spend your money, so a time tracker could definitely come in handy. YourTime is a multi-purpose, user-friendly software which makes time management extremely easy and efficient, i.e. the tracking of working time, activity time […]

How to crack MinT Pro

MinT Pro Screenshots MinT Portable+ is a small-sized and portable word processor that comes packed with an intuitive interface and several powerful features to please all types of users. Portability advantages Since there is no setup pack involved, you can put he program files in any part of the hard disk and just click […]

How to crack Throughline 3.00.0000

Throughline 3.00.0000 Screenshots Organizing your ideas during a brainstorming session is mandatory so as not to lose valuable input. A simple application such as Throughline can be of great help in this case, as it enables you to place topics on different index cards and create sub-cards to store various pieces of information. Create a […]

How to crack Orange Codec Notepad 1.0

Orange Codec Notepad 1.0 Screenshots Notepad was introduced as a service component of MS-DOS some 40 years ago. Since then, a version of Notepad has been implemented in any Windows version, including the latest one, Windows 11. Alternatives for such a simple utility were, of course, unavoidable. While nobody knows the exact number of Notepad […]