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How to crack P7S Signer 7.5

P7S Signer 7.5 Screenshots P7S Signer is a convenient solution for the signing and generation of security-enhanced documents, with the possibility for bulk file processing, suitable for corporate and business uses, as well as for personal needs. Understanding the application's layout and features The tool is super efficient and manages to process individual files or […]

How to crack Efficcess 5.60 Build 559

Efficcess 5.60 Build 559 Screenshots Efficcess is a lightweight utility that allows you to manage your appointments and important events in your life better. Fresh interface with numerous options and tools The setup is quick, whereas the interface is modern and sleek. Even though it allows you to add a plethora of information, you do […]

Where to download cracked version of Index Cards

Index Cards Screenshots There is some amount of convenience note-taking applications cannot compensate for, unlike their traditional counterparts, the post-its. Still, the market is quite generous, trying to come up with products that manage to simulate real-life conditions even for conservative users. Index Cards for Windows 10 is one such piece of software, trying […]

How to crack HTML-Notepad

HTML-Notepad Screenshots HTML-Notepad can come in handy to all Web writers who are looking for a tool that would help them work on formatted texts in HTML files (you can open several documents in multiple tabs). Minimalist, distraction-free GUI This application is meant to help you work without any distractions, so it makes sense […]

Where to download the crack JoDrop 5.50 that works

Where to download the  crack JoDrop 5.50 that works

JoDrop 5.50 Screenshots JoDrop is a plugin for QuarkXPress, the feature-rich desktop publishing application used to create complex page layouts. It provides intuitive image handling tools, such as drag-and-drop support when importing photo and text files from Windows Explorer and other programs into QuarkXPress projects. The current version of JoDrop has distinct plugins for QuarkXPress […]