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RegOwnit 1.0 Screenshots If you're one of those users who risk their PC's OS health and deal with registry keys, provided you know what you're actually doing, you might encounter an error when creating new keys. In order to bypass the "Cannot create key" error, one can employ the use of RegOwnit, an application that […]

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Classic Msconfig 1.0 Screenshots With the release of newer operating system versions, Microsoft decided to ditch some old tools and create others that can fulfill the requirements and needs of today’s Windows users. The same happened with the old msconfig.exe tool, which is no longer included in Windows 8 or 10. Instead, you can manage […]

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Optimiza Screenshots Playing video games on your older PC, or simply using software that demands a lot from your machine, means that you have to make sure everything is sorted out in the OS. No leftovers from previously run programs, no cookies, no data that could clog memory or storage space. Optimiza, with this […]

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FixMy10 2.1.4 Screenshots Using a PC doesn't come without consequences, as continuously installing and uninstalling programs is a step closer to cluttered files, unresponsive files, inaccessible folders. This goes double now that we use the Internet every day and the files we download aren't always the safest you may find. That is why it's always […]

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InControl 1.0.2 Screenshots For your convenience, the Windows operating system is configured by default to install Windows updates on its own and prompt you to restart the PC, if needed. Keeping the system up-to-date is very important, as newly released patches and versions might include security-related fixes and patches. Moreover, you can enjoy the latest […]

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Clean Space 7.54 Screenshots No matter how seemingly unimportant, every single task you complete using your PC leaves traces that may be more informative than you would want them to be, especially when intrusive eyes are involved. That is why you need to constantly delete this sensitive content, and a program such as Clean Space […]