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Updates are an important part of the development process for applications. Without these, issues with programs would never be fixed, and abnormal behavior discovered after release could mean the death of a certain app. SecureDELTA Plus (Folders) deals with this aspect, allowing for easy managing of the data differencing process. In other words, with this app, a user can create update packages for software products. Since this version deals exclusively with folders, one must assume that it can be used quite often in updating portable app packages.

Well-organized interface for fast access

While the looks of such apps don't matter much on account of them being classified as tools, there is an important aspect that is linked to the aesthetic side of a program, and that is the level of neatness. Since we are talking about a development tool, the user, a knowledgeable individual who needs to access features quickly, will require the application to be well-organized. As far as SecureDELTA Plus (Folders) is concerned, this requirement is fully met.

Most of the steps within the update creation process are dependent on one another. From the SecureENCODE tab, you will need to add a source and target folder, meaning the folder containing old files and the one containing the new files of the app to be updated. Add the path to where you want the secure update file to be created, and allow the app to build this particular archive. In the SecureDECODE tab, make sure your source folder is the same as the one used to create the secure update file. The status message should read OK. The secureSIGN tab deals with signing your SecureUPDATE file, while the REVIEW area is a checkpoint for checking all added data.

Creating the update deployment interface

The area where this app most likely makes the biggest difference, as opposed to the classic coding and programming scenario, is in the deploy interface area. Details like the product and company name, product URL, and copyright information can be added, colored, and shaped as you see fit. The background can also be changed to a desired color or gradient mix of two of your favorite shades. You can add 3D effects to any of the displayed text.

Automate update creation and deployment using command-line tools

If these procedures are bound to repeat themselves many times, one can automate the whole process. After providing all the required data, you can just access the SecureAUTOMATE tab to get the generated command-line code. This can be used to build the secure update archive and launch the update. For encoding and decoding the software updates, you can use the command-line tools included in the installation folder.

SecureDELTA Plus (Folders) is an application aimed at a niche group of users that, although deal with programming, don't really want to create update files that way, and prefer a somewhat easier path that involves visual aids and simple commands, which do still need some coding knowledge to be understood properly.

Uninstalling SecureDELTA Plus Folders software

1. On your keyboard, press the Windows button
add remove programs
2. Type “add” then click the “Add or remove programs”
3. Next it will display the the “Apps & Features”
uninstall SecureDELTA Plus Folders
4. On Search this list box type SecureDELTA Plus Folders name
5. Last step is click the Uninstall button.

File Size

11.2 MB

Operating Systems:

Windows 10 64 bit
Windows 8 64 bit
Windows 7 64 bit


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