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Does patch cracked Sensavis Visual Learning Tool work

Sensavis Visual Learning Tool Screenshots

Sensavis Visual Learning Tool

Sensavis Visual Learning Tool

Sensavis Visual Learning Tool

Just like every other aspect of our lives, learning is also evolving, branching out to be even more different than the traditional method, thus trying to appeal towards children and students who perceive it as a dreary chore. Sensavis Visual Learning Tool is an interactive educational tool aimed at bringing the process of learning to the XXIst century.

A visual learning experience

By its namesake, Sensavis Visual Learning Tool relies on visual learning methods, primarily lessons that make great use of high-quality 3D models. It doesn't matter if you're interested in human anatomy classes or chemical compound bonds, they are all masterfully rendered. Knowing this, you'd get the impression that the app takes up a lot of disk space, but that is not the case. When you first install it, the app has no lessons downloaded, as each one can be downloaded later, separately. Once you are done learning from that particular topic, you can delete the lesson form your drive to free up disk space.

A versatile learning tool

Currently, Sensavis Visual Learning Tool covers a wide variety of topics from 6 different subjects, namely biology, chemistry, engineering, geography, mathematics, and physics. One thing worth mentioning is that those of you that have older PCs might encounter some problems while running this app, even without any lessons downloaded. This is because it was noticed that just by having the app running in the background idly, it would cause the occasional mouse freeze or slowed movements. This problem seems only to intensify when opening a downloaded lesson, especially when trying to manipulate any of the 3D models.

A learning tool for those with powerful PCs

Like many other similar apps, Sensavis Visual Learning Tool tries to make learning appeal to young audiences by making use of beautiful 3D models. While it does manage to accomplish this, the lack of optimization and high system resource requirements make other similar apps a better alternative.

Uninstalling Sensavis Visual Learning Tool software

1. On your keyboard, press the Windows button
add remove programs
2. Type “add” then click the “Add or remove programs”
3. Next it will display the the “Apps & Features”
uninstall Sensavis Visual Learning Tool
4. On Search this list box type Sensavis Visual Learning Tool name
5. Last step is click the Uninstall button.

File Size

17.3 MB

Operating Systems:

Windows 10 32/64 bit


Sensavis AB

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