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How to crack Spyware Doctor Starter Edition

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition Screenshots

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition is a comprehensive application designed to detect and help you remove infections, spyware and adware as well as a variety of other threats from your computer, in just a few simple moves.

The main screen of the program provides with with an overview of your protection status, allowing you to perform a thorough analysis and determine if there are any infections on your system. It provides three scanning modes, namely 'Inteli-Scan', 'Full Scan' and 'Custom Scan'.

During the 'Intelli-Scan', Spyware Doctor Starter Edition analyzes all running programs and processes, startup locations, browser cookies, your Windows registry and several other locations, which are the most common places for threats to be found.

The 'Full Scan', on the other hand, aside from the items checked by 'Intelli-Scan', also verifies all drives on your PC, ensuring a maximum level of protection. However, it does require more time to go through all the targeted files and folders.

In the 'Custom Scan' mode, you can select a specific drive or folder and choose the scanners you want to use, then proceed to analyzing their contents, in order to determine if they pose any risk.

An interesting feature of Spyware Doctor Starter Edition is the 'IntelliGuard Protection' function. You can activate or deactivate it, in accordance with your particular needs. It offers heuristic protection against any attempts made at the security of your computer, providing you with several tools that can be individually enabled, such as the 'File', 'Immunizer', 'Keylogger', 'Browser' and 'Startup' guards.

Moreover, Spyware Doctor Starter Edition allows you to schedule scanning tasks, on specific dates and times, letting you choose the type of scan you want to perform, the frequency and the moment in the day, so as not to interfere with your other activities.

To conclude, Spyware Doctor Starter Edition can offer reliable protection against a wide array of Internet threats, enabling you to keep your computer clean and permanently on the lookout for all possible risks.

Uninstalling Spyware Doctor Starter Edition software

1. On your keyboard, press the Windows button
add remove programs
2. Type “add” then click the “Add or remove programs”
3. Next it will display the the “Apps & Features”
uninstall Spyware Doctor Starter Edition
4. On Search this list box type Spyware Doctor Starter Edition name
5. Last step is click the Uninstall button.

File Size

22.8 MB

Operating Systems:

Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 2003
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2K


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