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Is cracked version of Quick License Manager 14.1.21090.5 work

Quick License Manager 14.1.21090.5 Screenshots

Quick License Manager

Quick License Manager

Quick License Manager

Quick License Manager is an advanced application whose purpose is to help you create secure license keys for your software products to protect them against piracy. The tool is able to generate trial keys, machine bound keys, as well as software activation keys, and offers support for license management features.

Step-by-step approach

A wizard assistant helps you set up initial configuration parameters. You can choose the type of utility you have developed, namely desktop, web, service, Outlook add-in, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Android, iOS, OSX, Windows 8 Store, Windows Phone 7 and 8, or other types of programs.

What’s more, you can define the programming language of the target tool, namely .NET 2.0 or higher, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, or Java, and select the type of installation you want to implement, more specifically online activation, simple license validation, or concurrent licensing.

Ribbon-like interface

Quick License Manager impresses in the visual department with a well-structure suite of functions. The feature pack is quite comprehensive so you should take some time to experiment with the dedicated parameters. A detailed help manual can be accessed in case you have any questions.

A Dashboard reveals at-a-glance information about all orders, customers, past orders, upcoming renewals, and recent orders.

Store information about products and add protection

The app offers you the possibility to define products by providing information about the name, version, ID, latest version, encryption keys, and other details.

You can generate a class that you need to attach it to your program for license validation and customize the looks of a license registration form that is integrated within the target tool. Plus, you can embed the license registration form as .NET Control or open it as a standalone executable file.

License key management features

Quick License Manager helps you generate permanent or trial license keys, validate license keys, activate, upgrade, or delete licenses, renew subscriptions, view all computers connected with an illegal license, and check out all failed activation attempts.

What’s more, you are allowed to send batch emails to customers based on user-defined templates, create notifications to send automatic emails to your customers or perform other scheduled tasks, and configure integration with eCommerce providers.

Other important features worth being mentioned enable you to manage customers, schedule backups, and view all sorts of statistics and graphs about keys.

Rock-solid license manager

The final verdict is that Quick License Manager represents a full-featured license manager able to protect your applications using advanced options. The comprehensive suite of functions makes it ideal for professionals.

Uninstalling Quick License Manager software

1. On your keyboard, press the Windows button
add remove programs
2. Type “add” then click the “Add or remove programs”
3. Next it will display the the “Apps & Features”
uninstall Quick License Manager
4. On Search this list box type Quick License Manager name
5. Last step is click the Uninstall button.

File Size

200 MB

Operating Systems:

Windows 10 32/64 bit



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