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Where to download cracked version of School Calendar 4.5

School Calendar 4.5 Screenshots

School Calendar

School Calendar

School Calendar

School Calendar is a calendar designed specifically for teachers and pupils from high schools and colleges in order to help them keep track of all lessons and organize their time.

Ribbon-like layout

The GUI is well organized and allows you to schedule events in a timeline and view all lesson plans stored within a calendar. There’s support for a help manual that you can access in case you cannot tweak the configuration settings on your own.

You can store multiple users in the database (e.g. teacher, instructor, student) by providing information about the name and phone number, choosing between several preset icons, and selecting a background color that is displayed in the timeline.

Set up new events

Creating a new event in the calendar can be done by giving details about the lesson and description, start and end time, general comments, details, material, and difficulty.

In addition, you are allowed to set up reminders, repeat the event daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, and configure tuition payment parameters. What’s more, you can delete events from the calendar, perform searches, and check out all available lessons for a selected day.

Exporting options

You are allowed to import/export data from/to Outlook and iCalendar, sync the information with Outlook, as well as automatically generate backups at a user-defined time. Advanced printing features are available for helping you configure the information that you are about to print.

Configuration settings

School Calendar gives you the possibility to change the view mode displayed in the timeline to current work week, week, month, or year, and switch between a horizontal or vertical timeline.

What’s more, you can generate statistics with all lessons for each day of the week and export the information to XLS, TXT, HTML, or XML file format, configure the time format, run the utility at Windows startup, set up custom audio reminders (WAV, MP3 or MID file format), and keep track of holidays.

Bottom line

All things considered, School Calendar accommodates an advanced suite of features for helping you organize classes efficiently. If you are looking for advanced options, like sharing scheduling information over a network, you can have a look at School Calendar for Workgroup.

Uninstalling School Calendar software

1. On your keyboard, press the Windows button
add remove programs
2. Type “add” then click the “Add or remove programs”
3. Next it will display the the “Apps & Features”
uninstall School Calendar
4. On Search this list box type School Calendar name
5. Last step is click the Uninstall button.

File Size

16.8 MB

Operating Systems:

Windows ME
Windows 10
Windows 2008
Windows 2003
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2K


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